About Us

The Goldyn Children

Welcome to Autumn Sun Boutique!  Our Amazing Children have inspired us to start this new adventure with our Online Baby Clothing Boutique.  This has really been something I wanted to do since before even being a Mom.  To start this business with my family makes me feel beyond blessed.

Being a Boy Mom for 5 years was absolutely amazing!  Having a little girl was just icing on the cake!!!

Just a little info about our kiddos....Ethan is our oldest.  He has level 2 Autism with a speech delay, global delay and ADHD.  "Autism" was our inspiration for the name "Autumn." Ethan is the Best Big Brother and is a phenomenal human! We are so proud of him and impressed with how much he continues to teach us.

Jared is our little ray of "Sunshine!" He has the most adorable little smile, speaks the kindest words and has a huge heart!  Jared's personality is as Big as his curly hair. We always are complimented on how he is so polite, respectful and how he leaves a lasting impression with everyone.

Mercedes is our little princess. She's Daddy's Girl and has him wrapped around her little finger. She is the boss of the house. She makes our family complete.

Thanks in Advance for Your Support!  

We invite you on our adventure....to watch our business grow as fast as our kids do!


John and Lori